Ogi Kharikian

428 E. Santa Anita Ave Apt 101 Burbank Ca, 91501   (818) 590-7963


- Able to produce and edit high quality work using Maya, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Adobe

  Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

- Basic Knowledge Mari, Houdini and Substance Painter

- Self-motivated, creative, enthusiastic, responsible, team player, and works well with others

  under pressure.

- Strong passion for both digital and traditional art.

Work Experience:

Warner Bros. Animation                                                                     06/2021 - Present

Visual Development Modeler

- Visual Development modeling of character and environments in Zbrush, Maya and Blender

- Working with the Art Director and Supervising Director to get the look of the show in CG.

Paramount Animation Studios                                                                          04/2020 - 05/2021

Visual Development Modeler

- Visual Development modeling of environments, props and characters in Zbrush and Maya.

- Working with the Production Designer and Head of Layout to create the look of the film in CG.

- Neutralizing characters for rigging and surfacing.

- Training new Artists when they come on board.

Dreamworks Feature Animation                                                                      10/2018 - 04/2020


- Modeling props and environments for a feature production

- Creating modular workflows to help build sets quicker and more efficiently

- Working close with Supervisor and Production Designer to achieve the look of the film

Animschool                                                                                                          06/2019 - Present

Introduction to 3d Modeling &

Advanced Production Modeling Instructor

- Teaching an online course to highly motivated group of students

- This class is focused in Maya but uses Zbrush as a tool to quickly block in character forms

- Final outcome of the class is a full production ready model that the students can pose.

DreamWorks Television Animation                                                                  04/2014 - 10/2018

Lead Character Modeler

- Leading a team of overseas Modelers on new and existing productions

- Reviewing and providing feedback on character and prop models submitted by our partner


- Visual development modeling of characters in Zbrush for new and upcoming shows

- Continuing to model, UV and create blendshapes on characters for pre-build slots

- Freelance character designer

Nickelodeon Animation Studios                                                                        02/2009 - 02/2014

Character Modeler

- Created high resolution models of characters and some props

- Worked with Lead Modeler to maintain a good workflow

- UV unwrapped and created facial controls and blendshapes for all characters


LA College                                                                                                           01/2008 - 01/2009

3D Computer Animation Instructor

- Created an extensive curriculum that covered most or all aspects of Maya from beginners to


Atomic Monkey, Inc.                                                                                          10/2006 - 03/2009

CG Modeler

- Created high resolution models of Characters and Props

- Worked with Lead Artist to make sure everything was up to standards

- Made files ready to print on several types of 3d printers

Walt Disney Animation Studios                                                                        06/2006 - 09/2006

Summer Associate

- Worked with the Disney Academy and re-catalogued the

studio's library


The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles 06/2003 - 06/2006

Santa Monica, California

Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation

Reference: Available upon request

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